How to choose the best dental implant in Vashundhara?

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best dental implant in Vashundhara

A dental implant in Vashundhara facility in the Ghaziabad is a great relief for the patients suffering from different types of dental ailments in the Delhi NCR. A good dental practitioner within the vicinity saves one from the pain of visiting the city of Delhi that is too congested and equally away from a dweller in Ghaziabad.    

Obviously, a person seeking a dental clinic in Ghaziabad is indeed looking for a treatment for the different types of dental problem. He has been entrapped due to the modern life style and eating habits that impact most to our teeth before any other body organ and part. The carbonated soft drinks and eating ingredients rich fast food have increases the toxicity levels at the calcium components of teeth. Improper attention to dental discoloration and bad breadth at the initial levels in teeth results into tooth decay. The damage to the teeth to an extent of uprooting even leaves the best dentist in Vasundhara with no other option but the dental implant surgery. 

The eating habits and life style pattern are not the only reason for a dental implant strategy at times it is the periodontal diseases as well as injury force a dentist to for it. Though, there are other alternatives like bridge and dentures but the dental implant is the best alternative for the dental care.

what is Dental Implant

What a dental implant is all about?  

Under dental implant a dentist replaces a decayed tooth with artificial tooth made from different elements on a screw like metal fixtures placed on the root of the teeth. It is highly recommended by dentists to denture or bridgework in absence of a natural tooth. There are many ways dental implant is being carried out by dentist as a practice of teeth cleaning in Vasundhara. A dental implant is being carried out for variety of reason and activities. However, before going for a dental implant he is required to have following pre-conditions.

  • The patient should have a one or more missing teeth
  • The jaw bone should have complete growth so that screw like fixtures should be fixed there.  
  • The jaw must have enough bones so that the implants be sustainable.    
  • There should be quite healthy oral tissues in his mouth.  
  • He should not be a smoker.

Types of Dental Implant

Different Types of Dental Implants in Vasundhara

Depending upon the type of condition of teeth and maturity of dental problem dental implants are of many types. Depending upon the severity, the common dental implants include:-

  • Endosteal 
  • Subperiosteal
  • Zygomatic

Endosteal Implants








They are the most common type of dental implant which is suited for most of the patients looking for their teeth problems or looking for replacement of decayed tooth. A healthy jaw bone is a prerequisite for it to be implemented in the mouth for being fused into. They act like screws with a placeholder into the teeth and false teeth mostly get fitted over it. It requires a little time once the procedure is being done over it.

Subperiosteal Implants


Primarily used as a replacement to the Endosteal they are place over the bone not directly into the jawbone. The gum supports them for false teeth to be rest over there. In the process a metal frame is get placed under the gum. Over it a post are placed. The healing gum with time secures the pole on which an artificial tooth gets fixed up. Dental clinic in Ghaziabad like Advanced Dental Care are quite expert in carrying out the Subperiosteal dental implants. This method is used only when a dental patient has not enough teeth in his mouth.

Zygomatic Implants










Tend to the most complex dental implant procedure is used only when there is not enough space for the jawbone to carry out the Endosteal implant. Surprisingly, it is not placed on the jawbone instead cheekbone.

Other Methods of Teeth Cleaning 

There are many methods and ways the dental implant and cleaning can be imposed and carried by the best dentist in Vasundhara

  • Bone Augmentation: Under the process, different types of bone additive are used to strengthen the bone in jaw and implants take place over the improved bone.
  • Sinus Lift: In this method, the additional bones are added under the sinus to cover up the deterioration due to the missing upper back teeth. 
  • Ridge Expansion: In this way additional space is made on the jaw so that implant can be carried out over the grafted material.  
  • 3D Imaging: With a 3D model a dentist generally have a better assessment where to place the implant.     

What are different types of advantages offered by a Dental Implant? 

The benefits of dental implant are merely not left only to a single area of overall oral health. Some of the benefits of oral health include:-

  • The dental implant prevents from the further decay of the bone mass in the jaw.  Due to lack of any stimulation it is highly prone to the effective loss of bone mass.
  • A dental implant offers a natural alternative to the lost teeth. A dentist can customize a dental implant exactly to a patient’s requirement. He even can match the dental implant according to patients’ teeth texture and style.
  • The dental implant in Vashundhara with the help of titanium post results into the bite forces as equal as natural teeth. As it is deep rooted into the jaw, therefore, offers more vigor and power. 
  • It ensures back the natural speech of person. The tooth replacement therapies like dentures deregulate one’s natural way of talking. Dentures are also prone to develop complications like bacteria and bad breath. The dental implants are made from the stuff that doesn’t cause any tooth decay whatsoever.

Hence, it is evident that a dental implant in Vasundhara is not only a good alternative to treat a decayed tooth at a same time it increases its health as well.

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