How technology has revamped dentistry?

How technology has revamped dentistry?

Generally, most of the people have always avoided going to the dentist. The experience of every person is different, some people have had an unpleasant even painful experience and that’s why they don’t want to visit any dental clinic. As everyone is busy in their world so it is quite difficult for patients to take the time and effort out of their busy schedules to go to dentistry. Advancements in dental technology have helped both patients and dentists and provide the most pleasant experience.

Let’s explore more about the latest technology of dentistry –

Digital dentures

A digital denture is a new thing that has hit the market these days. In this process, the dentist will take a mold of your natural teeth and gums to make sure your dentures fit properly. Molds can be a little uncomfortable but you can’t say such things about digital dentures as they are super-comfortable. Denturists can utilize CAD and CAM to design and modify a denture setup virtually.

Augmented reality

Whenever we think about augmented reality, most of us think about video games, but in reality, things are quite different. Augmented reality plays an important role in exploring a computer-generated image of a patient’s mouth. The medical apps of AR are generally accumulated on surgery types, regarding neurosurgery, laparoscopic surgery, and plastic surgery. In dentistry, oral and maxillofacial surgery is the primary area where dental implant placement and orthognathic surgery are Tmost widely used apps.

Robotic dental implants surgery

Dental implants are primarily used by dentists for teeth restoration. Modern dentistry relies heavily on plastic drill guides when placing a dental implant, but that is all changing. With this new technology, a computerized navigational program provides sensory information and holds the drill in position. Robotic dental implant surgery can aid in both preoperative and surgical stages.

3D printing

The invention of 3D printing has completely changed the world as it enables users to create any physical shape. This technology is quite beneficial for dental professionals as now they can easily create prostheses and dentures with laser precision. With the innovation of multi-nozzle 3D printing, scientists can print with multiple materials in a small time frame.

Continuous Liquid Interface Production

3D printing is quite slow as compared to Continuous Liquid Interface Production. 3D printing takes a huge amount of time for replenishing materials, cure those materials, and repositioning. On the other hand, Continuous Liquid Interface Production allows a solid object to grow out of a liquid bath and the best part is we don’t have to wait too much.

Intra-oral camera

With Intra-oral technology, dentists can explore more inside the patient’s mouth by using a small camera or mirror. Such things provide a comfortable experience for patients. Now, there is no need to stretch lips back or keep your jaws open for long periods. With an Intra-oral camera, dentists can easily identify infected areas much more clearly.

Smart Toothbrush

There are several new inventions on the market to assist patients in practicing good oral care at home and the smart toothbrushes are the biggest example of this. With these, patients can correctly measure the amount of time spent brushing. Smart toothbrushes are the best thing for developing good dental hygiene among children.

The advancements in dental technology have taken the world by storm. Dentists can now quickly assess what issues patients are facing and accurately determine a course of treatment. If you need more info about the latest techniques in dentistry, contact your dental specialist today.

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