How To Get rid of Missing Teeth Problems Easily?

missing teeth problems

Is it accurate to say that you can’t eat your preferred food because you are missing a tooth? confidence hindered by a smile with missing teeth? Missing teeth issues sway each individual so you should never overlook it. It is difficult for any individual to acknowledge missing teeth particularly in the event that it is influencing your grin. There may exist authentic results if missing teeth are overlooked.

Missing teeth problems include –

Difficulty chewing

Difficulty chewing




Teeth are intended for biting, so when teeth are missing, you can’t bite appropriately. While biting, you may encounter serious torment subsequently you can’t eat your nourishment suitably that outcomes in poor nourishment.

Shifting Teeth

Shifting Teeth




When there is excess room around a tooth caused by a missing tooth, teeth shift then you may see gap which can cause greater long-term problems i.e., painful bite misalignment. When teeth begin to collide, tooth decay can become more ambitious.

Speech issues

Speech issues




If you are confronting speech issues because of missing teeth problems, at that point it is humiliating as it can decrease fearlessness, much the same as physical appearance.






Missing teeth can cause bone loss in the jaw and face due to atrophy causing a change in your facial structure. In most cases, the patient can look older.

Early aging

Early aging




If your teeth do not support the skin around the mouth, the skin can start to sag. Therefore you can look older due to missing teeth problems.

Compromised mental health

Compromised mental health





Missing teeth issues can likewise be directed to both wretchedness and uneasiness.

Solutions for missing teeth problems –

1. Dental implants

Dental implants





If you want to replace a single tooth or if you are missing several teeth in different areas of your mouth then dental implants are the best option for you. The biggest advantage of dental implants is that the replacement tooth resembles a natural tooth and can last for decades. Another advantage of an implant is that nearby teeth aren’t entangled so the rest of your teeth should remain intact.

2. Fixed dental bridge

Fixed dental bridge



If you don’t want a dental implant then you can opt for a rigid dental bridge. If you’re missing one or more teeth in the aforesaid area then this tooth replacement option might be effective.

A fixed bridge essentially bridges a gap caused by a missing tooth using an artificial tooth. The prosthetic is attached to adjacent teeth and then bonded in place using dental cement by the dentist. Bridges look like natural teeth so you need not get worried about anything. Bridges will also modify the visual aspect of your natural teeth on either side of the space.

3. Removable partial dentures

Removable partial dentures





If you need to replace all of your teeth then your dental practitioner may suggest you complete dentures. Extractable partial dentures look and feel natural in the mouth, and they’re also less expensive and simpler to repair and replace than other tooth replacement options.

Well, you can’t ignore the problem of missing teeth as it can alter the shape of your face. Also, your bite might change and the remaining teeth may move to the extra room. Such things can also cause various issues such as tooth sensitivity, tooth grinding and difficulty chewing. Whether you’re suffering from missing teeth or any kind of gum disease, instantly talk to a dentist about options and get the right treatment.

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