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Root Canal Treatment in vasundhara

What is a tooth root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment or RTC is usually done after the tooth catches the cavity or gets infected. The main purpose of this procedure is to save your tooth by repairing it. During RTC, the infected pulp and the nerve are removed using proper tools. After this, the internal portion of the tooth is cleaned a few times and sealed. If the infection is not treated in time, it may become serious and an abscess may form. Visit Dr Malvika Jain Dental Clinic right away if you are facing tooth decay problems and planning to undergo root canal treatment in Vasundhara.

Why require root canal treatment?

Nothing feels, looks good and functions as our natural teeth. Original teeth help you chew the food in a better and effective way. Any missing tooth can affect your chewing capability, ruin your smile or cause other teeth to shift. Also rooting out the affected tooth is more painful than the cavity itself. So why not save it? Consider getting a root canal treatment from our best doctor for root canal treatment. Our expert team of root canal dentists offer the best of RCT treatment in Vasundhara to retain your natural tooth. So book yourself an appointment right away.

Causes of the cavity in the teeth

  • Causes of the cavity in the teethConsumption of excessive sugar
  • Consumption of sticky foods
  • Consumption of beverages
  • Unhealthy oral hygiene 

Indications of a cavity in the teeth

  • Indications of a cavity in the teethDiscolouration of tooth
  • A broken or injured tooth
  • Pain during chewing or biting the food
  • Puffiness of gum or face
  • Formation of acne on the gums
  • Sensitivity towards hot or cold food 

Important tips to save your teeth 

Important tips to save your teeth If you have to choose between tooth extraction and RTC, always go for RTC treatment. No bridge or implant, or denture will look and function like your original tooth. To get the best treatment of root canal in Vasundhara, visit our clinic

  • Visit the dentist almost immediately if you find any signs of pain or swelling in the tooth or gums. We also offer emergency painless root canal treatment during emergency cases
  • Always eat right and healthy to maintain the health of your teeth. Also, opt for a hygienic and clean oral hygiene
  • Getting frequent checkups from the dentist, maybe one every 4 to 6 months to know the health of your teeth can help. With this, you can follow a better diet and work on it accordingly. You can get your oral health checked at our clinic as we have the best-certified dentist.

How do we perform root canal treatment 

Root canal is a treatment where the inside of the tooth is treated and saved from further decay. Each tooth is made up of three layers namely enamel, dentin, and pulp tissue. Any injury or cavity caused to the tooth can result in the damage of these layers, which further causes severe and unbearable pain. Damage caused to the pulp tissue, i.e. the inner layers of the tooth require immediate attention. If it is not treated in time, the infection can spread to other areas. 

Our clinic has the best dentist in Vasundhara that treats all RTC patients with complete precision and dedication. Although the patients have to undergo approximately two to three seatings for this treatment depending on the seriousness and depth of the cavity, our expert dentist does it in a single seating. They make use of the advanced endodontic technology to treat the infected tooth. Also, you do have to invest much of your time for this procedure, it requires hardly one hour. 

X-ray of the tooth is taken to check the severity of the case and the tooth is numbered. A small rubber sheet is inserted around the tooth and the dentist uses a drill to dig inside the same to get the nerve and cavity. Once the tooth is opened, down to the mash chamber, the dentist cleans it thoroughly using all the dental instruments in up and down winding movement. These instruments look like sticks and are called ‘root trench documents’. 

This procedure scratches and scours the channel, which cleans off the cavity. Once cleaning is done, the dentist washes the tooth with water to flush out the junk. After the flushing, the dentist makes use of trench filling to close the opening made in the tooth. The filling is temporary and is kept only until a permanent filling is placed on the tooth. Contact us immediately to get your root canal treatment in Vasundhara

What to expect after the procedure 

  • Your tooth is likely to feel tender after the procedure
  • Mild pain and sensitivity 
  • Analgesic and anti-inflammatory medicine are prescribed 
  • Follow the chewing and food instructions given by the dentist

Why choose us to treat your tooth

  • At our clinic, you can expect the best and pain-free Root Canal Treatment in Vasundhara
  • The procedure is safe and offers complete comfort to the patients
  • Our highly qualified team of dentist 
  • are known to provide equally root canal treatment dental clinic
  • Easy procedure and less traumatic
  • Helpful and friendly staff
  • The nice and well-designed ambience of the clinic for the patient to feel less anxious 
  • Guaranteed infection control
  • Exclusive treatment that you won’t get elsewhere
  • Our team of doctors offer exceptional patient care, both before and after the laser root canal treatment  Availability of a wide range of services for both specialised and general dentistry
  • In case the patient is anxious or nervous, intravenous sedation is offered to the patients to make them comfortable
  • We complete the entire procedure in a single seating, and thus, it saves plenty of your time
  • RTC is performed with complete precision using the advance technologies, materials and treatment procedures 
  • We are globally standardised
  • We use FDA approved materials, which are sealed and autoclaved before each usage
  • Assurance of 100% results i.e. the cavity is killed completely and no infection will further occur in the tooth
  • Affordable treatment that is easy on your pocket 
  • Flexible timings are provided according to patient preference 

Our clinic is ISO certified and comprises a well-equipped with a well-maintained and modern in-house dental laboratory. Our expert dentist makes use of the contemporary digitised tools such as Pro-taper, X-smart, Root ZX and more to treat the patients. We ensure complete safety and comfy of the patients as well as offer them a clean and environmental affable ambience.

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