What do you need to know about the Keto diet and oral health?

Keto Diet and Oral Health

The ketogenic diet has created a buzz in the health community. If you’re following a keto diet, you might notice some unpleasant side effects but you need not worry at all. Understanding keto breath is the first step to ensuring your diet doesn’t impair your oral health. To hold over ketosis, you need to follow high-fat, low-carb and medium-protein diet. Besides this, keep in touch with a dentist who can provide you exact info regarding your oral health.

Advantages of Keto diet –

1) Cut down sugar consumption

2) Improve oral microbiome

3) Fighting inflammation

4) Supports proper orthodontic growth

How can keto diet boost your oral health –

Reduces inflammation

Many people don’t realize that the best way to heal gum disease is through diet, and keto is an excellent resource to stop the inflammation. Nuts, fatty fish are high in omega-3s that can combat inflammation and they are also staples of the keto diet.

Reduces sugar consumption

Keto diet not only cuts down on sugar consumption but it also bans carbs which get converted into sugars. Sometimes, plaque gets formed on the teeth which cause due to leftover food particles and saliva left hanging around your mouth after meals. So, you should eat less sugar as it can form bacteria in your mouth. A keto diet can starve these harmful bacteria and cause tooth demineralization.

Fights cavities

Your overall health will better if you are eating real, whole, unprocessed foods and cutting out the carbs. A ketogenic diet also promotes foods that are high in vitamin K2 that is responsible for forming new enamel on teeth and also prevent cavities. Besides this, vitamin K2 can reduce sugar, promote great oral health, and remineralize teeth. Needless to say, tooth decay does not stand a chance in the keto diet.

Supports proper orthodontic growth

Vitamin K2 and calcium are responsible for promoting proper growth in the teeth and face. If you have braces or need orthodontic work done, a keto diet rich in K2 and calcium can really help you out. The high-fat, low-carb structure of ketogenic eating supports your teeth and mouth. While keto breath may be embarrassing, it may be a great way to achieve and maintain overall health.

To improve your oral health, you need to practice a good oral routine by brushing twice a day for two minutes each time and flossing once per day. Next, drink lots of water to stay hydrated during the day. You should eat complex carbs such as leafy greens and drinking herbs in water and tea such as cinnamon can improve your breath. If you are facing any kind of concern about your oral health then you need to speak to your family dental professional. To eliminate bad breath, you need to drink lots of water and make sure you’re keeping up with a good dental hygiene routine. If you need more info about how to maintain sound oral health then book your appointment with the dentist as soon as possible.

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