Flexible Denture

A denture is basically an eradicable substitution for missing teeth and circumferent tissues. Presently, there exist two main types of partial denture i.e., complete and partial dentures. We at Dr. Malvika Jain Dental clinic provide the high-grade treatment for your teeth, no matter what kind of problem you are facing related to your teeth. The partial denture regimen is ideal for those people who have lost respective but not all their teeth. The foremost part is this type of denture is very light, durable and comes in a wide range of colors which are specially designed to match your gum tissue. Whether you are suffered from severe tooth decay, any kind of tooth injury, or gum disease or need your remaining teeth replaced, only an immediate flexible partial denture can help relieve your concerns. From now, you need not worry about denture slipping, moving around and irritating your mouth. If you are looking for trouble-free Denture Treatment in Vasundhra, then Dr. Malvika Jain Dental Clinic is the place to go.

Flexible Partial Denture

A new dental plate can also alter your eating and speaking habits and it may require a bit of practicing before you get comfortable. Due to differences in the shapes of the jaws and the strong muscle movement of the tongue and cheek, a lower denture may be harder to keep in the mouth compared to an upper denture. Hence it is always advised to go for fixed teeth with implant option. Generally, two things are included in complete denture i.e., conventional and implant-supported over-dentures.

Conventional denture

This therapy is applied when teeth have been removed and the gum tissue has begun to heel.

Implant-supported over-dentures

This is the best option to restore all the lost teeth in the jaws. This prescription restores all the chewing functions.

When and why to prefer flexible partial dentures?

Ultra-light and bladed

Nylon denture is five times lighter as compared to the standard dental prosthesis. The best part is flexible partial dentures make you forget about the bulky feeling as they are super comfortable.

Potentially splinterless

The best part of nylon base is that they are prosthesis flexible so, it may absorb well an accidental fall to the ground during the home oral hygiene.

Comfortable and excellent aesthetics

Because flexible dentures are made from acrylics instead of metal, the overall size tends to be thinner and more flexible. In this way, dentures feel more unbleached and less bulky in the mouth.

Stain and aroma resistant

Another benefit of flexible dentures is its durability. They are virtually unbreakable due to their flexibility and acrylic material. Acrylic material will not break down when exposed to the chemicals in your food, drinks and the earthy enzymes in your mouth.


Flexible denture’s acrylic material is lightweight, yet strong, giving you a denture that is very thin but extremely durable. It is also monomer-free and less allergenic compared to other fixtures, making it an extraordinary option for patients who cannot expose their mouths to metal.

Benefits of Dentures

We employ a straightforward procedure for creating your partial denture. Firstly, an evaluation is conducted by our dentists and then they will ask for your approval whether this regimen is appropriate for you. Once you approve, the denture is custom designed and your teeth are not altered in any way. Our tooth doctors have a deep understanding of flexible partial denture, therefore, they provide you the top-grade dental medication. We a Dr Malvika Jain Dental Clinic provide flexible dentures with a lifetime guarantee.

Want to know if flexible partial denture right for you?

Dr. Malvika Jain dental clinic is well-known for comprehensive treatments for all your dental issues. The clinic is backed by an expert panel of the dental practitioner, which offer quality and low-cost dentures treatments and fabulous services. Our main aim is to impart a healthy smile to all our patients. If you want to find out more about the cost and benefits of Dr. Malvika Jain’s wide range of denture solutions, feel free to contact us today.

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