Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry is used to treat various dental conditions through the lasers. Laser treatment is considered as unique because they treat targeted tissue while leaving surrounding tissue unaffected. One of the biggest advantages of laser therapy is the fact that many times procedures can be performed with much less discomfort and postoperative pain as compared with the conventional method. Generally, patients require little or no anesthesia for most of the laser procedures. Needless to say, this latest technology is helping dentistry gain the confidence of people. The term laser stands for light expansion by stimulated emergence of radioactivity. Lasers are broadly classified as hard tissue and soft tissue laser. We at Advance dental care mainly focus on soft tissue laser and use this extensively in soft tissue procedures, teeth whitening and pain therapy.

Benefits of Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry is used in a variety of procedures, including treating tooth decay, treating gum disease, whitening teeth, etc. The laser can make dental treatments more efficient, cost-effective and comfortable. Generally, two types of procedures are used for laser dentistry i.e., hard tissue and soft tissue procedures.

Common Hard tissue procedures include -

  • 1)Cavity detection
  • 2)Tooth preparations
  • 3)Dental fillings
  • 4)Treating tooth sensitivity

Common soft tissue procedures include -

  • 1)Crown lengthening
  • 2)Removing soft tissue folds
  • 3)Treating a gummy smile
  • 4)Treating tongue frenulum attachment
  • 5)Soft tissue folds

Laser Dentistry Services

Laser Bleaching/ Teeth Whitening

In this procedure, you can certainly show off your more white grin just in 30 minutes. Our dental specialists utilize high fixation fading gel that ensures quick outcomes


Depigmentation is otherwise called fading that is utilized in restorative dentistry to evacuate dark spots and the patches on the gums.

Smile Makeover

A smile makeover is a procedure of improving the presence of the grin through at least one corrective dentistry methodology, for example, dental facade, tooth inserts, and so on.

Bleeding Gum

Bleading gums is for the most part brought about by insufficient plaque expulsion. Periodontitis is one of the main source of draining gums. Our dental specialists will recommend a forceful dental consideration routine that ought to get your gums sound once more.

Laser Gummy Smile Correction

Laser sticky grin amendment is the ideal answer for patients with the minor impact of a sticky grin. In this technique, gums are re-molded to uncover the extra tooth structure, in this manner making an increasingly proportionate appearance for your gums and teeth.

Gum Surgery

Gum medical procedure is a dental method performed to treat gum or periodontal malady, which happens because of bacterial contamination that influences the gum tissue, causing irritation, swelling, redness, and loss of the bones encompassing the teeth.

Frenectomy Minor Gum Surgery

It is an oral careful laser technique which includes expelling either the connective tissue that is situated under the tongue or the band of tissue that joins the upper lip to the gums so as to address issues which mostly emerge from tongue tie or lip tie condition.

Single Tooth Implant

In the event that you are feeling the loss of a solitary tooth, one embed and a crown can supplant it. A dental embed replaces both the lost common tooth and its root. Our dental inserts are so regular looking, you may overlook you at any point lost a tooth.

Root Canal Sterilization

Contaminated root trenches require root canal sterilization. The culture method used by our dentists reflects the bacteriologic status of the canal wall, and biomechanical cleansing and irrigation are equally as important as the medicament used for sterilization.

How our laser dentistry improve your gums?

We at Dr. Malvika Jain Dental Clinic provide you fabulous dentistry services that can improve the appearance of your gums. Our lasers are precise and capable to finely shape your gum line into the placement so that you can reflect your beautiful smile with full confidence. From now, you need not be frustrated because of your appearance and never let anything distract your beautiful smile. Nowadays, patients choose to undergo a laser treatment due to painless and efficient procedures it provides. Once our dentists perform their laser dentistry gum improvements, just be sure to reflect your beautiful smile.

Take care of your oral health with Advance Dental Care

Cracking dental care means regularly brushing and flossing your teeth, going for frequent dental check-ups and consuming a healthy diet. If you want to protect your teeth from getting damaged, control bad breath, and increase the life of teeth then you need to practice these habits. With our best tooth doctors and state of art technologies, we cater to patients’ preventive and primary healthcare requirements. We also provide the required assistance and treatment to medically compromised patients and thus cover all the unreached areas of dentistry. Dr. Malvika Jain Dental Clinic provides advanced technologies like CAD-CAM scanners, Cerac One-Visit Crowns, Lasers, Invisible Braces, OPG, Retreatment of Failed Root Canal, Painless Root Canal and much more. We strictly follow comprehensive multi-step sterilization procedure according to global standards.

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